samedi 16 juillet 2011

A beginning ... or a come-back ??

Really I don't know !!

Tell by your self ; For years of my life, I've been running from all kinds of things : And one day, something highly insignificant show up, and you find your self within a vicious circle. Your life is no longer under your control. Yes, I have been scared. I've been scared by what happend to me, what may happend, what I could loose (which is called scientificly by a phobia). I guess that's the resume of the 3 last years of my life (from an intimate perspective).

But I rather believe that for (almost ?) every experience we go through, there's a catch ; something we have to learn, a purpose, a reason. In my case, there was no purpose, but there was a reason, a symptomatic reason. I'm really gracefull to have been through this experience in this particual time, not sooner or later. There was many lessons to learn, many people to meet, many stories to be told and heard.

The catch :
I can't tell that I know exactly what I've have to do ; since I don't have any plans, for now. In another hand, I know that I have to build my life all over again, try to fix what's broken, take care of what's left. That should be a good start.

The blog :
One of the things that helped me get through that stuff is indeed blogs. Blogs gives you perspectives, dreams, solutions, questions, answers. It's a magical place where you get to know new people and to tell people about you, your passion, and even your work without any social conventions (this comes later).

Hope to see ya soon fellows !-)

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